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Trend of global development challenges China will face eight

    Held in Shanghai AGB Nielsen Media Research television ratings of the Twelfth Summit, the State Council Development Research Center, Dr. Li Zuojun China Economic Times, in an interview that the global development trend of China will face eight a challenge.

    The eight challenges are:

    Upgrade its industries and challenges. Transformation and upgrading of industrial structure could have been a good thing, but to the transformation and upgrading is not easy, you need to have the conditions, the need for technical, personnel, management and other aspects of conditions. Turn bad, they would have a huge risk. In the international arena, such as Latin America and the nineties of the last century, the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure in Japan is also because no change for the better, there has been economic stagnation. Some provinces and cities in China now faces the difficult task of restructuring and upgrading, they may turn bad, this is a great challenge.

    The challenge of energy shortage. China's major heavy industrial development into the stage, the demand for energy is huge. And China's own energy supply is relatively insufficient, we must get energy from the international market, so to a certain extent on their own development challenges.

    Environmental challenges. To promote industrialization, the environment within a certain range, to some extent inevitably be destroyed. We have to do large-scale investment, but this also requires a process to be put into effect. This also brought us a huge challenge and pressure.

    Urban-rural gap, regional disparity and income gap between people of all walks of life the more serious challenges. We now began to emphasize the urban and rural development, regional development, and stressed that reform income distribution system. However, to achieve the desired effect, but also requires a process, which also brought us new challenges to further development, because it will affect social stability.

    The challenge of employment problems. China has over one billion people, a lot of people are entering into employment stage, we want to upgrade industrial structure, to raise the industrial technology content, increase the technological content is the exclusion of employment. Therefore, such a situation has arisen in China, GDP in high-speed growth, but no simultaneous increase in employment. Employment pressure is very large, is a huge challenge.

    The challenges of financial risk. Recently, our price has gone up, some show signs of inflation, which is a big challenge for China, how the process of rapid economic development to control price increases, control inflation and maintain stable development, on the government to said to be a problem to be solved.

    Aging society ahead of the arrival of the challenge. We used to practice family planning policy for many years, brought many benefits, it also brings a side effect, that is, the Chinese ahead of the arrival of an aging society, the economic development of our next challenges.

    The final challenge is international pressure. China's economy booming, the great pressure by the international community, such as trade friction, intellectual property protection and so on. We have to deal with such international pressure and friction while promoting international economic development of countries.

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